Vishal Agarwal, CEO

He was born and brought up in Tuljapur, where he also completed his graduation in B.COM. His friends were from construction industry and it always interested him to know more and work in this field. So, it was on 2nd November 2006 when he decided to shift from Tuljapur to Pune. When he came to pune in search of business in industrial areas. While at it he studied these businesses and discovered that, companies who provide just construction are in loss, as they do not provide services on long term basis. That is when he decide to create a business which will provide construction and also service for the constructed buildings and maintain them.
With 14 years of experience and handling almost 10-12 firms and yet he was determined to be unique from the rest, and that is the reason our company has reached a new high today. It was his idea which made our company stand out from the rest. We tend to believe his belief to make Success Landmark one of the MNCs and reach the top.
Our CEO Believes in "Everybody can do Construction, but not everybody can provide the after services."
His hard work and unique idea was recognised and he was awarded with "Achievers Of Maharashtra", he was presented this award by none other than Honorable Minister Shri Nitin Gadkari Ji. We are more than just privileged to have such an inspiring and motivating person as our CEO.

Kuldeep Agarwal, COO

He was Born and brought up in Tuljapur, Completed his graduation in B.COM. Being the COO he oversees the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of our business. His positive attitude towards work is such that he spreads his positivity amongst all our team members. His nature is that of helping, motivating and encouraging everybody. While our CEO devises the plan, our COO implements them with perfection.He has been one of the important person to build this company and bring it where it is today. His attitude towards his co-workers is that of simple yet strict when it comes to work. He is a mentor for us and we are glad to be working under him.

Vijay Agarwal, CFO

He was also born and brought up in Tuljapur and has completed his graduation in B.COM. His interests towards finance brought him to the company. He plans, implements, manages and runs all the finance activities of our company. His focus and ability to control business activities has brought a huge change in our business and he has been a boon for our company. The way he manages his work is commendable and inspiring. He plays a vital role in influencing company strategy and maintaining it for long run. Our CFO works with other senior managers and plays a key role in a company's overall success, especially in the long run. We are glad to have person filled with passion, determination and positive attitude as our CFO.

Mayur Agarwal, Head Project Manager

He is the youngest member of our team, education wise he has completed his graduation in B.A His interest in the business grew when he saw his elders working with such passion and determination. His curiosity towards the business led him in becoming a Head manager. As head manager he oversees daily business activities, trains head of different departments, manages budgets, develop strategic plans, creates policies and communicating business goals. Even being the youngest on board, he manages his work with so perfection, it makes us believe that, "It is not experience that matters, but the passion for work is what defines us." His nature and attitude towards the staff and his co-worker is that of joyous and positive. He believes in encouraging and motivating his team, whenever they are at their low, that is what makes him stand out. It's our pleasure to have him on board.